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  • Lemons from Turkey!!

    Our first loadings of lemons from Turkey are imminent!! 

    We recently visited our citrus partner CMS, and we are extremely excited by the prospects which the season holds, especially in terms of volumes and quality.

  • The erotic blue fig!

    Let's be honest: the fig is probably the sexiest food in the world. Oysters? There's always the worry you might hit a bad one (and therefore be in no fit state for amorous liaisons). Chocolate? Makes you fat. Champagne? Goodness, the headaches if you overindulge. But the fig? Not for nothing did D H Lawrence describe it as a 'closed room where marriages are made'.

  • Purnatur Lemons

    Purnatur is a marketing company specialized in Turkish fresh produce. Recently Purnatur received the first loads of lemons packed in its own brand. It was a proud moment for Purnatur’s director Osman Aritan and his son Resat, the duo managing the company.

    Purnatur was established on 1 September 2012 by Osman, in partnership with AgroCap Invest BV and Innoverde BV.

    Aritan says that Purnatur focuses on representing the interests of a select number of leading producers in Turkey, amongst others Cem Turan, the owner of citrus specialist CMS.