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  • The erotic blue fig!

    Let's be honest: the fig is probably the sexiest food in the world. Oysters? There's always the worry you might hit a bad one (and therefore be in no fit state for amorous liaisons). Chocolate? Makes you fat. Champagne? Goodness, the headaches if you overindulge. But the fig? Not for nothing did D H Lawrence describe it as a 'closed room where marriages are made'.

  • Purnatur Lemons

    Purnatur is a marketing company specialized in Turkish fresh produce. Recently Purnatur received the first loads of lemons packed in its own brand. It was a proud moment for Purnatur’s director Osman Aritan and his son Resat, the duo managing the company.

    Purnatur was established on 1 September 2012 by Osman, in partnership with AgroCap Invest BV and Innoverde BV.

    Aritan says that Purnatur focuses on representing the interests of a select number of leading producers in Turkey, amongst others Cem Turan, the owner of citrus specialist CMS.

  • Purnatur - the best of Turkey!

    On 1 September 2012, Dutch agribusiness investor AgroCap Invest and its fresh produce trading partner Innoverde BV announced the formation of  Purnatur BV, a company which represents the interests of selected  leading fruit growers from Turkey.